Pioneer Villager


Black Creek Pioneer Village is located in Toronto, Canada for families, classmates, and adults could come to immerse themselves into the lifestyle, customs and surroundings of the early residents of Toronto in the 1800’s. However, much of the visitors today are mostly from school trips. In what ways can we attract more families as well as history enthusiasts to visit? We thought the perfect way to do so is to further enhance the experience at Black Creek Village with the help of an official Black Creek Village app. This app would not only provided the most recent updates in events and information, but also provides an engaging game is available for families and adults to play and learn as they explore the village. 

In collaboration with: Alaa Abuamra, Tala El Hallak, Amir Chabok




The challenge with this project was to design an application that enhances the experience for visitors of Black Creek Pioneer Village. To begin, my team and I spent a few weeks doing a thorough PACT analysis, in hopes to better understand whom we were designing for. By doing this analysis, we were able to get a better understanding of what types of problems that particular group of market would need help solving. 

Challenges we faced

The biggest concern of is how effective is our app when it comes to attracting potential Black Creek visitors, ranging from the young to even adults. Does incorporating games make sense in this scenario? Do games enhance or distract the experience at being in Black Creek Pioneer Village? Also, since the topic is about Pioneer lifestyle, how does adding technology into the mix affect the experience? How do we find that balance? These were the questions we asked and we needed to find out since it was the underlying foundation to our application. We needed to create a solid structure before moving forward to the smaller details.


Our original visual approach consisted of much brighter colours to invite a young generation of learners. However, through a series of user testing, we discovered that the style didn't attract a lot of teenagers. Knowing this, we adjusted our colour palette and layouts to best fit the range of users we were targeting.