Phobia Challenge


A lot of us fear something. Whether you're terrified of heights, or scared of spiders. Often times, these fears and phobias hold us back from a lot of wonderful things life has to offer.  I’m interested to find a way to encourage people to overcome our fears. Phobia Challenge is an app that brings awareness to the public to show that we are all afraid of something, and you’re not alone. The app features challenges that are catered to your own fears. You can play fun games that are built to slowly expose you to your fear. To spice things up, you can even track your progress with friends by connecting to Facebook. No matter what it is that scares us, if we learn to acknowledge and take ownership of our fears, we can keep it from holding our life back.

Phobia Monsters V2

I went back to revise the Phobia Monsters to give them more detail and character. They’re the new gang that’s going to be marketed as a new character brand. An “X” logo represents the Phobia brand. It is two bones crossing to make an “X” shape. I’m hoping these new characters will be strong enough to create a fan base.

Just to recap, these monsters represent a particular phobia. The concept of these monsters is to help people overcome their fears and have them more comfortable with confronting them. These monsters help to do that.

The next component I want to expand into is opening an e-store that sells and promotes the Phobia brand. The store can include merchandise such as phone cases, cards, tshirts, mugs, etc. They will have the brand printed onto the merchandise, creating brand awareness. It is hoped that each individual customer will find an attachment to a monster they can relate to, and have them in their own homes. Collectables is another aspect that comes into these merchandise, as they’ll be offered for limited time. This promotes collectors to collect them all, and these items also will benefit from the additional values.

Process Work