Dot Dot Boom


Join Boom on a quest to travel around the monster planets to complete the dot-dot challenge. The planets are filled with all sorts of monsters, each island with its own unique inhabitants and environment.The gameplay is simple. Connect 3 dots or more, while satisfying the level's required dot colours. The more combos you get, the higher you point. Look out for special bonuses as you play! Dot Dot Boom is available on the App Store.

My responsibility included developing the game concept, game branding, visual design, UI/UX design and illustrations.

Concept Development

I was given the challenge to come up with a concept for a puzzle game. When trying to brainstorm game concept ideas, I often try to envision the story and plot behind the game. Whether it's completing each level to free the pets from their cages, or simply exploring the world. The concept the developer and I agreed upon was the idea of having multiple planets of different monsters. The uniqueness of this idea was that there was a lot of potential for game expansion, while also providing a good grouping system for the large amount of levels.