Familr presents to you a whole new way of communicating at ease for new comers or new English learners. BUT it's not any type of English, Familr emphasizes teaching users everyday English. It's your personal helper that is always ready to assist you in real-time situations.

Note: This is the 1st version.

Collaboration with: Kathy Lu & Stephanie Hou

The challenge

For our Interactivity course, each team was given a challenge to design a mobile application that aims to help newcomer teens learn real English; not just the English taught in the classroom but rather the English spoken in everyday life. Our goal was to create an application to support to their English education so that they can assimilate into life in North America as a teenager better and faster. Prior to designing, my team and I took time to brainstorm the biggest problems that a teenager may encounter while integrating into their new life in North America. The majority of our research consisted of us reaching out to people that are first-handedly experiencing this problem. Simply asking them about their struggles and challenges allowed us to have our backbone when it came to building this application.



My team and I understood that if we wanted to create a useful application that is meant to act like a personal tutor, the user experience and interface would have to be easy to comprehend even though the amount of content required is tremendous. Comfort and trust was the experience we wanted our user to have. To emphasize on the fact that the application is like a personal tutor, we integrated a lot of customization for the user; everything from tracking the user's progress, to simply understanding the user's behaviours.