Hi there, my name is Ann Lu. I'm a designer and an illustrator who is not afraid to let my imagination run wild! 



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Graphic design


Dot Dot Boom

Game Design


Join Boom on a quest to travel around the monster planets to complete the dot-dot challenge. The planets are filled with all sorts of monsters, each island with its own unique inhabitants and environment. Dot Dot Boom is available on the App Store.




Picto-nese is the first step for anyone that wants to learn about Chinese and the culture that comes behind each and every character. The learning process is easy. Picto-nese simply connects language with imagery and meaning. Choose from our large range of subjects.


Pioneer Villager


Black Creek Pioneer Village  is more than just a collection of buildings and artifacts. It’s a place where families, classmates, and adults could come to immerse themselves into the lifestyle, customs and surroundings of the early residents of Toronto in the 1800’s. 





Familr presents to you a whole new way of communicating at ease for new comers or new English learners. It's your personal helper that is always ready to assist you in real-time situations.


Phobia Challenge

UI/UX Design


Phobia Challenge is an app that brings awareness to the public to show that we are all afraid of something, and you’re not alone. The app features challenges that are catered to your own fears. You can play fun games that are built to slowly expose you to your fear. 


Candy Smasher

Game Design


Smash as many candies as you can, while travelling around to different candy islands. Challenge your friends to see who can get the best ranking! The Candy Smasher app is available for download on the App Store.


Animal Life Sentence

Print & digital publishing


Animal Life Sentence is a brochure and e-spread is designed to spread the word about Animal Rights in the Zoo, especially to young children, changing how people view the zoos.