Lunch Truck

Packaging Design & Branding

Packing lunch for children in the mornings can be really hectic, especially when you have picky-eaters. That’s why Lunch Truck is a great way to get fast, delicious and healthy lunches for children. The food truck structure of the design represents the idea of a fun yet mobile food on the go. Lunch Truck comes in three different varieties: Hot Dog, Mini Burger, and Pizza, each introducing a unique character that owns the truck. Ingredients are placed separately, providing children with the opportunity to creatively assemble their own lunches. 

The material used to assemble the package is biodegradable, including the food tray. No glue is needed to put together this container, as it uses tabs as it’s main method of connection. Lunch Truck also provides a fun opportunity for children to draw and design their own truck. The container is reversible, providing an activity that children can enjoy after lunch. Let their imagination flow, and you’d be surprised to find out what they can come up with. Lunch Truck is a fun way to get children to be excited for healthy food.